New OE Logo.png

Originally starting as O'Neill Edits (OE), the HeyItsMonarch brand is something that took time and effort to build. For months I struggled to find the perfect vision to represent myself as an artist. I broke it down to my core beliefs as a graphic designer: passion, quality, and creativity. That is where the idea of "the crown" arose. The crown is a symbol of excellence. Normally, the crown is associated only with the best of the best, the "king". That passion to be the best is why I chose to involve this concept of the crown in the making of my brand. Whether it be a new editing program, a new technique/style, or even something as simple as an idea for a style I already know, I have chased after it. The infinity loop was something I stressed when creating this identity because I truly do want to do this forever. It is meant to symbolize my undying creative drive and curiosity for what's next! Finally, the "V" inserted at the middle of the crown represents visual quality. It is a reminder that whenever I am editing, I need to produce the highest quality piece I can. These three things combined resulted in the birth of HeyItsMonarch and laid the foundation for the brand represented today.