Cartoons and video games have been the backbone of my childhood, and I have been waiting to expand my work out to them. My editing career actually began with the Pokemon franchise back when I was in second grade. I would redesign and fuse Pokemon "sprites" together, pixel by pixel, for my amusement using MS Paint and the most basic of editing tools. Fast forward to the present, and I am finally beginning to bring back my love for the franchise along with many others such as Avatar: the Last Airbender and Star Wars. My first recognized award came from a Pokemon Art contest I entered back in May of 2020. I had entered a contest run by @pokemondecals on Instagram and was competing against 50 other artists. My piece ended up finishing first place and was made into an official collectors card (not associated with Nintendo or the Pokemon Company). I think its really important to remember where I started and keeping that childlike curiosity alive in my work today.  


Above is the winner of the Regigigas Artwork Challenge, hosted by @pokemondecals on Instagram. The contest was focused on creating an art piece that could be featured on a custom-made collectors Pokemon card, sold on @pokemondecals personal shop. Amongst the 50 other entries, my piece finished first. Voting was done via his fanbase of over 30,000 following his platform. The winning piece was awarded with a custom card, a trophy, and a portion of the profits from sales via the online shop. 

monarch visuals.png