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     My name is Patrick O'Neill, and I am a 20 year old Graphic Designer from Pittsburgh, PA. I am a junior enrolled at Clemson University with a major in Graphic Communications and a minor in Brand Communications. I have been designing for over 7 years now, 4 years professionally, and I have loved every second of it! 

    From the summer of my senior year of high school to the end of my winter semester junior year of college, I have worked for Clemson Football's Recruiting Team. I was a part time worker with the team due to my class schedule, but during the 2019 fall semester, I worked a full time internship with the program. I was the first member of the organization to join as a freshman and have loved the experiences that have come with it. Over the summer of 2019, I also worked a full time internship with O.Z. Enterprises as a website designer. Aside from official employment, I have done various freelance projects for local high schools in Pittsburgh, PA, multiple college athletes, social media platforms such as Hoops Nation, and local podcasts located in Clemson, SC.

Aside from my professional background, I am a massive professional sports fan. I love to keep up on all sports from the NFL, the NBA, the WNBA, and everything in between. Along with the sports world, I love to infuse Pop-culture into my work. Whether it be music, movies, or memes, I love to keep up with the trends and find a way to combine it with my work. I also pride myself on learning all aspects of design. During the year of 2020, I have picked up videography and photography and have started my own streaming platform on Twitch. I also have started a Youtube channel while still operating off of my original platform, Instagram.